Obtain Real-Time Insights from the Traditional Retail Channel

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Competition is increasing. Be ready with solutions for marketing, sales & supply chain teams.

Information is the key to understand and build the best path for actions to take for the companies future. Be the first in the race with our platform.


Game Changing Insights for Marketing, Sales & Supply Chain

THE WINNERS in today’s digital age are those organizations who can best understand and action insights from across their entire customer base. Inovata is the only platform that offers real-time and comprehensive data from the Traditional Retail Channel.

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What We Offer

Increase Sales by 50%+

Boost sales in our stores by taking the ‘Rocket Revenue Challenge’. We are offering limited free access to our challenge: Double your sales into our stores:

  1. We work with you to design a simple promotion / challenge
  2. Get your product listed in stores
  3. Analyse results of promotion in real time
  4. Double your sales across stores in less than 4 weeks!

Brand Performance Report

Sign up to get limited time free access to a comprehensive report on how your brand is performing across our store base:

  1. Sell in / Sell out
  2. Coverage
  3. Market share
  4. Average selling price &
  5. Retailer margin
  6. And much more!

Further Information

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