Introducing the Inovata Platform

How We Make The Magic Happen


Micro retailers enter sales, purchase and stock information to feed the platform


FMCG Companies can push promotions, POS advertising, challenges, surveys to micro-retailers

Effective communication between the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) and Retail companies is vital for businesses to stay competitive. However, some companies struggle to bridge the gap between them, finding it difficult to effectively collaborate on sales and move merchandise from warehouses to store shelves quickly. The MIRA retail app and the Inovata FMCG platform have come together to change this dynamic by providing an efficient solution to this issue.

The platform allows data to be effortlessly transferred from retailers back to FMCG companies in real-time and gives them an insight into what’s happening on physical store shelves quickly – enabling them to make informed decisions. This also then allows the FMCG company to push promotions, incentives and surveys through the app back to the retailer – facilitating a powerful two-way exchange of information that can only help enhance retail operations.

Inovata Control Center

  • Real-time visibility into brand and product performance across our store base
  • Statistical information about the whole market
  • Integration to existing BI systems for increased flexibility
  • Communicate directly with store owners and consumers
  • Subscription based pricing.

The Mira Store App and The Club Mira Website

  • Your communication direct to store owners:
  • Product and brand information and messaging
  • Promotions and challenges
  • Surveys and feedback
  • Automatic monitoring and sentiment analysis from community platform

The Mira Consumer App

  • Mobile App and home delivery platform for Consumers.
  • Free to use.

MIRA App & Network

MIRA is the core foundation that brings the power of modern digital technology into the hands of mico retailers around the globe. This easy to use yet sophisticated application powers significant benefits for the micro-retail owners and provides the core data that is then available in real-time to you.



The MIRA Community is what links the individual micro-retailers together and allows you to conduct almost instantaneous surveys which will be backed up by sales data, to push experiments and obtain real-time feedback on their efficacy and to analyze sentiment on brands and products at any level of geography you desire from a global view down to as little as 500m2

Solution for Supply Chain

This is where the magic happens. By collecting data in real-time from the MIRA platform we can offer the most complete data, trends, insights and predictive analytics near instantaneously. Take advantage of our comprehensive online analytics or access our data from your analytics applications to gain greater marketing, sales, and supply chain insights than you imagined were possible to drive breakthrough revenue and profitability for your organization

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