Solutions for Sales

Get a detailed inisghts on the data of your product sales like never before with real data directly from the traditional retail market.

Actionable Real Time Information

The Traditional channel consisting of hundreds of thousands of small stores is by far your single largest channel yet its extremely difficult to obtain actionable and timely marketing information from it. Inovata’s marketing solutions allow you to gain real-time information to improve your marketing initiatives and obtain a much higher Return on Marketing investments.

What We Offer

Executive Management

Track sales and sales trends across your entire portfolio to enable fast and effective executive decisions. Use our data and analytics to perform in-depth simulation and planning activities.

Sales Management

Track your sales performance and measure and assess the effectiveness of your sales execution strategies and obtain real-time feedback to more effectively manage your sales teams.

Sales Execution

Utilize the insights from Inovata’s platform to create perfect sales execution strategies. Leverage the power of the platform to understand sales velocities, detailed territory analysis, product placement, POS merchandise availability and much more.

Demand Management

Increase the accuracy and precision of your demand management by using the power of the latest technology in the Inovata platform. From real-time demand sensing to predictive analytics based on detailed and relevant causal information of the effect of yours and competitors` promotional, new product and sales activities.


We collect and track real-time sales data from tens of thousands of traditional retailers and make this information available to you to consume in real-time either through links to your existing analytics solutions or using our insight and analytics workbench. Our unique platform allows you not only to analyze past data but connect in real-time with small retailers to conduct real-time experiments, surveys, and sentiment analysis. Obtain the feedback and information you need in real-time to make your marketing much more effective and generate a much higher return on marketing spend.

Increase Sales by 50%+

Boost sales in our stores by taking the ‘Rocket Revenue Challenge’. We are offering limited free access to our challenge: Double your sales into our stores:

  1. We work with you to design a simple promotion / challenge
  2. Get your product listed in stores
  3. Analyse results of promotion in real time
  4. Double your sales across stores in less than 4 weeks!