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Selling into General Trade is difficult and costly and causes issues for everyone involved – but General Trade is still the biggest and most profitable market.

We support a number of small retailers using our MIRA app and recently experimented to see what it would take to increase the sales of a given brand…the results were surprising!

We took products in a number of categories and selcted stores at random. Then, as a small test, we simply asked them to display the selected product more prominently…

The results were simply staggering. In the two week period we ran this for the average sales increase was more than 400%

Stagnant & Costly Sales in General Trade?

With millions of small retailers making up the General Trade channel it is next to impossible to communicate and promote products successfully.

Getting products on shelves is a major issue and then making sure the retailers display and promote the product effectively almost impossible

Hiring a costly salesforce, working with hundreds or thousands of agents and distributors erodes profits and distances you from your customers and consumers

The number of intermediaries between you and the retailers and consumer makes it very difficult to see the results of activities in a timely manner

Obtaining data from field on competitor activity makes it difficult to make effective interventions to protect and grow market share

Coverage of stores can be low and in many cases product is not listed and sold by retailers.

Communicate & Sell Through Inovata

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Rocket Revenue Case Study

Download our case study on how simply using the Inovata platform to create challenges can boost sales up to 400%. Then contact us to begin your Rocket journey to Unlocking Sensational Sales!

Brand Performance Report

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