Our Mission and Vision

“Giving FMCG Companies insight and control over General Trade while providing a platform to enable micro-retailers to thrive and providing unique opportunities for new entrpreneurs.”

“To democratize access to real-time market data for FMCG companies, offering them unprecedented control, while fostering entrepreneurship among small retailers and micro-distributors through our digital, AI-enabled platform.”

Our Goals and Value

Inovata is a digital technology company that is built for creating a solution to the traditional retail market. For decades it has been proven that the traditional retail market has dominated a huge sum of the retail market, however, there is a lack of solution when it comes to gaining insights into the analytics of the consumer products inside the traditional market.

Due to the manual way the traditional data is unable to provide data towards their sales, inventory and overall statistics. This is what Inovata would like to solve with our platform.

We created the technology to gain traditional retail data to provide for consumer products companies. Not only would we get real-time data on the products but we can easily access the traditional retail community to commute with them regarding the feedbacks of the products.

Inovata aims to equip traditional retail with a modern technology platform that helps them become more demand-driven, compete, and grow in a rapidly changing world.

“The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.”

–Arthur C. Clarke

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